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Learn The Smarter, Time-Saving Steps Proven To Help You Sign Up For Medicare Stress-Free And Avoid A Costly Late Penalty At 65 Or Anytime After

PLUS, Inside Shows You The Exact Process More Than 950+ Other WNY'ers Have Already Used To Help Them Quickly Go From Confused & Clueless To Clear & Confident Certain They Aren't Messing Anything Up, Making A Major Mistake, And Avoiding Any Future Pitfalls Or Potential Problems!

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Discover A Completely Different Approach 
To Signing Up And Starting Medicare In WNY

It's no secret that dealing with Medicare can be...difficult.

I'm sure you have some questions about your specific situation, and if you're anything like the last 950+ folks I've worked with in WNY, you likely aren't even sure where to start.

There’s a long list of things you must do to set up your Medicare benefits correctly. As you begin putting your “to-do” list together, it’s tougher and tougher for WNY residents to get clear, credible and correct advice...many times being misled, misinformed or misguided --- often unknowingly.

As you begin to your search for somewhere, or someone, who can give you qualified answers and advice, you'll quickly find that most Medicare advertising doesn't actually give you any useful information.

In fact, it's all mostly solicitations from the big, dumb insurance companies just trying to sell you something.

  • There's a real lack of reliable resources available to you...and that's not fair or your fault!

You likely feel forced to figure out all the fine print with Medicare about what you have to do, when you have to do it, and how it has to be done.

It can certainly be frustrating and overwhelming. I get it.

You may have already heard all the horror stories of just how time-consuming and soul-sucking Medicare is. And I think it’s extremely unreasonable for you to be expected to deal with it all directly yourself without proper instructions, knowledge or know-how.

Trying to tackle it all on your own is no place to be.

  • There had to be a better way...

As an active adult living in WNY, you likely have a hard enough finding time to enjoy the things you want to be doing, let alone, finding the time to deal with the things you don't want to be Medicare, right?

  • What if you could discover a SMARTER way to save yourself from spending hours/days/weeks of your scarce free time at home, alone, in isolation, having to rely on your own hit-or-miss guesses...
  • What if you could know the SPECIFIC steps you should take with Medicare so you know how to get where you need to go with Medicare and never have to assume anything...
  • What if you could have your EXACT timeline for starting Medicare which would get things done, done right and done on time so you'd never pay a costly late penalty signing up at 65 or anytime after...
  • ​​Imagine how you'd feel if you could SHORTCUT all the common hurdles, hassles and horsing around others have to deal with and never spend countless hours spinning your wheels...  

That's why I have written, Starting Medicare Smartly, as a simple and straightforward, step-by-step guidebook for people like yourself who are always on the run and need a smart, stress-free solution to cut through all the clutter and take away the "scare" of Medicare.

It contains essential information to help you make a better, more informed Medicare decision and shows you a smarter way to get things done, done right, and done on time, so you know *IF* you should sign up for Medicare at 65 --- or *IF* it makes more sense to suspend Medicare at 65 and sign up later in life (plus, what you need-to-know about how to protect yourself in the future from paying a costly late penalty).

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#1 Best-Selling Book Now...

Discover How To Make Your Move To Medicare Simpler, Easier, Seemingly Stress-Free, And Almost Effortless.

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Introducing My Amazon Best-Selling Book: "Starting Medicare Smartly"

A Step-By-Step Guidebook Sharing The Smart Steps You Should Take And Your Specific Timeline Whether Signing Up At 65 Or Anytime After...

Are you wondering what my book is all about? 

Is it just another advertisement trying to sell you something, or convince you to choose a certain company, or persuade you to pick one plan over others? 

Am I right?

It's actually far from anything like the above. In fact, it doesn't discuss those type of specifics at all, which means you can trust it is free of any insurance company incentives or conflict of interest --- without question.

I wrote it to give you clear, concise, credible and complete advice and answers so you know exactly how to get where you need to go with Medicare.

And while I wrote Starting Medicare Smartly as an intentionally short book (to be read in less than an hour), I want to ensure your valuable time is well spent.

You should be happy to hear all the fluff and filler has been removed. Everything specially edited down to be just a little over 100 pages so if you want, you can read it in a single setting.

My hope is to give you easily digestible instructions as quickly and effectively as possible which are relevant to any of the following three (3) specific situations:

  • Nearing Age 65, planning to retire, and know you need Medicare...
  • Nearing Age 65, planning to keep working, and not sure what you should do with Medicare (but know you want to avoid paying a costly late penalty if you sign up later in life after 65)... 
  • Older Than 65, now retiring, know you need Medicare, and want to avoid paying a costly late penalty signing up later in life after 65...

If that sounds like you, you are the ideal reader for this book and will enjoy the most benefit from the insider information I have shared in a simple, easy-to-understand way. 

This book really makes what seems like a confusing and challenging chore Medicare is...easier and almost effortless.

You'll enjoy my casual and conversational writing style which, if you are consciously concerned about not messing anything up with Medicare or making a major mistake, the things I share will help free you from any frustrations and fears.

Now, for the first-time ever, I am revealing the successful strategies of my nationally recognized Medicare SmartStart Program™, which since 2015, have previously been kept private, used only with my personal clients.

I realize not all of the powerful and proven strategies will apply to you and your specific situation, but using just some of what I share in my book will immediately and instantly help you better prepare and get ready for Medicare so you can feel more confident you certainly start Medicare smartly.

    Get Your FREE Copy Of My 
    #1 Best-Selling Book Now...

    Discover How To Make Your Move To Medicare Simpler, Easier, Seemingly Stress-Free, And Almost Effortless.

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    Baby Boomers Around Buffalo Aren't Just Happy With How My Book Has Helped, They're Head Over Heels In Love With The Information Inside!

    Here's A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Strategies
    And Insights Inside The Book...

    • A Critical Checklist To Determine If You Should Sign Up For Medicare --- Or Suspend Until After 65 (and how to protect yourself from paying a costly late penalty) 67 
    • Common Myths You May Have Heard About Medicare (and why most people you talk to are wrong about most things most of the time) 51
    • 7 Strategies To Know For Sure If You'll Start Medicare Smartly (and how to find qualified advice and answers without the common insurance company conflict of interest) 41
    • Karen's SmartStart Story (and how she double paid for health insurance for 2 years based on bad advice from her HR Rep and what you can do to prevent the same problem) 84
    • Why Most People Struggle With Medicare (But After Reading This Book, You’re All But Guaranteed Not To) 109
    • Larry's SmartStart Story (and why he was forced to pay a late penalty because of a costly choice he made to buy COBRA coverage) 76
    • The Untold Truth About Medicare (What they don't tell you, or want you to know, but what you should expect) 55
    • The Number #1 Time-Saving Shortcut To Speed Up Your Processing Time Without Having To Wait The Typical 3 Month Delay (and the best way to get things done in just 3 weeks...sometimes even 3 days) 99
    • Paul's SmartStart Story (and knowing the right way to file proof of credible coverage if working past 65 and hot to protect your financial future if not signing up for Medicare until later in life) 96
    • And, Much, Much More...

    Get Your FREE Copy Of My 
    #1 Best-Selling Book Now...

    Discover How To Make Your Move To Medicare Simpler, Easier, Seemingly Stress-Free, And Almost Effortless.

    Current Stock Below 50 Copies...Order Now

    About The Author, Andrew Hibbard

    Andrew is a 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force. Born in Buffalo, he shifted from serving his country to serving his hometown community and become a best-selling author, an expert Medicare advisor, successful agency owner, and one of the top advocates in the WNY area.

    As a pioneering industry leader, he has been a sought-after Medicare guest-speaker, invited to talk about all things Medicare, all the time, all around WNY. On-site seminars. "Lunch & Learn" employee events. Interviews with WECK Radio Senior Matters. Article contributions for Forever Young magazine. It is surprising how much there actually is to talk about with Medicare.

    In 2015, Andrew founded Medicare Management of WNY with his wife, Lyndsey, to be the first "anti-insurance agency" of it's kind statewide, making a concerted and controlled effort providing and prioritizing "education over solicitation" free from any insurance company incentives or conflict of interest.

    In 2018, Andrew organized and orchestrated a coordinated and cooperative effort between some well known WNY small and medium-sized businesses to design and develop a way to make the transition to Medicare smoother and seamless for both Employer and Employee and the Medicare SmartStart Program™ was born.

    Now, nationally recognized, more than 950+ WNY'ers have successfully participated in the Medicare SmartStart Program™, with close to breaking the 1,000th served very soon.

    In 2021, the popularity and preference for WNY'ers to rely on Andrew's Medicare SmartStart Program brought forth a new need to serve the community in a new way and became the basis for writing his newest book, Starting Medicare Smartly, an Amazon #1 best-seller in 3 separate categories. 

    Andrew is on a mission to help 2,500 baby boomers in Buffalo start Medicare smartly by the end of December 2025.

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    When you claim your free copy of my book, I'll also email you an electronic PDF digital download of my "Prepare For Medicare Pre-Planning Pack" as a complimentary, no-cost courtesy bonus gift.

    It contains insider information formerly reserved exclusively for my private clients who choose to work one-on-one (1:1) with me and my free Medicare SmartSmart Program.
    Access to all these helpful handouts means you can be as best prepared for Medicare before you actually have to do anything.

    When you receive your PDF digital downloads electronic by email, you'll discover incredibly impactful information the Federal Government doesn't tell you and the big, dumb Insurance Companies don't want you to know, like:

    • Monthly Pre-Planning Checklists so you can plot and plan your 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 month "to-do" lists, which means YOU will be prepared and really ready for Medicare while others will be unprepared and really sorry...
    • 7 Deadly Sins Special Report revealing the most common and costly mistakes made when picking your secondary insurance plan that are guaranteed to have you paying more and getting less (so while others overpay, you be protected and know how to get more out of Medicare and enjoy the best value in town!)...
    • How To A.C.E. Your Mover To Medicare Critique Cheat Sheet to use when you investigate, interview and identify where you can find honest, objective and unbiased answers and advice so you make sure you steer clear of anyone around town who may be bribed, bonused or bought-off trying to persuade you to pick plans that will pay them the most, but may not give you the best bang for you buck...
    • My Scam Security Safeguard System to properly protect and preserve your financial future from the massive amount of Medicare marketing sent and stuffed in your mailbox so you don't become another advertising victim...
    • ​And A Few More Surprises Too Involved To List Here...

    BONUS #2

    First-Look From Companion Book, Shopping Medicare Smartly

    My companion book, Shopping Medicare Smartly is currently unavailable to the public, and still in the publishing and production process, but along with Bonus #1, I am also willing to give you an additional PDF digital download

    You will certainly enjoy your exclusive "first-look" of this controversial chapter, titled "You Are At War (But A War That You Can Win)," exposing the orchestrated and organized efforts by the big insurance companies using persuasion propaganda and how you can guard against the attack on your attention.

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    Priority Appointment FASTPASS

    If you're reading all this and the important and impactful information I share in the book sounds helpful, but you're thinking "I don't really have the time or desire to deal with Medicare directly, can't you just do it all for me?"

    Then now is the time to claim your copy of Starting Medicare Smartly and enjoy the enclosed preferential priority FASTPASS so you can cut ahead and skip the line to take advantage of my free Medicare SmartStart Program.

    When you call 716.833.0252 to schedule your SmartStart Strategy Session with me, you'll be warmly greeted by my wife, Lyndsey.

    Mention you're a book reader and have a FASTPASS when you call. She knows the drill and will go out of her way to give you preferential priority and a bit of privilege over the general public with direct access to my personal calendar.

    Get Your FREE Copy Of My 
    #1 Best-Selling Book Now...

    Discover How To Make Your Move To Medicare Simpler, Easier, Seemingly Stress-Free, And Almost Effortless.

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    This Is A Truly Limited-Time Offer

    Like I mentioned before, this book is 100% FREE for you! I'll cover the cost of printing the paperback book, AND I'll even cover the shipping cost to send it to you --- I am not looking to make any money with this book.

    And in case you're wondering "Why on earth, Andrew, are you willing to give away free copies of your best-selling book?!?"

    Well, there are actually a few reasons...

    • It's my way of saying THANK YOU to the WNY community for choosing to trust and support our small-family buinsess year after year since 2015 --- your belief in us has built a business strong and stable which has been able to support our growing family of three young toddlers, and buy a big, old farm house out in Akron for us to renovate and restore...
    • Because, in my opinion, I believe there is a real lack of reliable Medicare resources so I wanted to create a privately-funded solution to the problem the Federal Government won't solve and the Insurance Companies can't due to conflict of interest...
    • My book will give you much better information about Medicare free from the sketchy sales schemes of the insurance companies and those they collude with throughout the WNY community --- I'm sick and tired of the growing mass amount of people around town being misguided, misled, and misinformed about Medicare under the coercive and corrupt disguise of help. A lot of these brokers are bribed, bonused, or bought-off to pressure and persuade you to pick the insurance plan that pays them the most. Their conversation with you is biased to their benefit, not yours. It's borderline criminal...
    • I am hoping my book will act like an oversized business card that can act as a conversation starter between us and introduce you to me and my way of proactively doing all the dirty work with Medicare for you so you don't have to...
    • ​​​Lastly, I think working hard to have my IMPACT be bigger than my income is important. We've discovered a different way of dealing with Medicare that so many people have struggled with for so long. People need to know there's a better, smarter way. And as the guy who literally wrote the best-selling book on Medicare for WNY'ers, many now see me as the expert authority (after all, you can't spell authority without 'author')...

    Time Is Of The Essence...

    Here's why...

    This isn't some huge national publisher promotion on the news with tens of thousands of books to give away. 

    I've only printed a limited number of physical copies and it takes forever to re-order more from the publisher, so this is likely the only time you'll see this page. 

    If this page is still here, then this "claim your free copy of my best-selling book" offer is live, but I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

    Hurry, Claim Your FREE Copy Of My Best-Selling Book Now Before They're All Gone!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy my book!


    P.S. #1 In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

    I'm mailing you a real, printed paperback copy of my Amazon best-selling book, "Starting Medicare Smartly" (that retails on Amazon for $19.99) absolutely FREE. Yes, I'm willing to cover the printing cost of the book, and the shipping cost, too --- PLUS, I will also be donating $4.00 for every copy of Starting Medicare Smartly I am able to gift and give away directly to WNY Heroes, Inc in support of Veterans and their families residing in WNY.

    P.S. #2  I've only printed a limited number of physical copies and it takes forever to re-order more from the publisher. As our costs may change, we may no longer be able to offer the book in this free format again, so this is likely your only opportunity to get it now as part of this offer.

    There is no "catch" and you will not be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that. 

    There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be added to some mass list and get pesky phone calls from out-of-state scammers or annoyed trying to be sold some sort of insurance plan. 

    I hate stupid shenanigans and presume you do too.

    So, click the BIG RED BUTTON below to get your FREE copy of my best-selling book now... 

    You won't regret it.

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